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Coop Di Leu Awareness & Readiness for Engagement Audit (AREA) for Transformative Diversity Leadership & Education


The AREA is an inquiry experience that helps the respondent envision and identify institutional behaviors that help or hinder transformative diversity progress. It targets essential components of infrastructure that support progress or paralysis toward transformative institutional and diversity leadership. A battery of questions helps institutions conceptualize pathways to conversion by assessing the resources available. The answers to these questions are revealed in digestible frames and in real time.



Many factors influence the progression or paralysis of institutions and diversity administrations. While all aspects do not appear in a linear or prioritized display, factors relative to institutional and diversity infrastructures need direct and focused attention. Other factors, such as human nature, overt and implicit biases, traditions, and community, have invisible but tangible impacts on the speed of transformation. All aspects affect infrastructure alignments, ultimately dictating who gets hired, fired, and retained.


The idea that drives the need for the AREA is not based upon adverse experiences by underrepresented groups. Instead, relevant auditing is essential for leadership awareness and empowered decision-making against traditional and well-ingrained processes and procedures that adversely operate against diversification.


Coop Di Leu endeavors to be a catalyst for higher education about the cause and effect of campus climate and infrastructural circumstances. We strive to focus on specific components of institutional life that impact efforts to transform traditional and well-ingrained patterns. The AREA presents a truth-seeking method of inquiry. The technique helps us rethink why institutions behave the way they do, where staple behaviors exist, and how to transform institutions and diversity paradigms.


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