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Our Services

Thanks Dr. Coopwood,

Your technical expertise is greatly appreciated and really helped me flesh out my thinking…great to have your expertise and as a “thought life” colleague.

Stancia Jenkins

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

at the University of Nebraska System

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Professional Development Services

Cognitive Diversity Workshops

An interactive array of data-driven thought-life activities and discussions that identify and combine individual and team thinking preferences and associated behaviors.

Bootcamps and Symposia     
Nationally hosted training events for aspiring, emerging, and advanced diversity professionals. Each feature subject-matter expertise, diverse network opportunities, and career development.

Virtual Academy (CVA)

Designed to shape and sharpen diversity, academic, and administration professionals’ aspirations, skills, and leadership competencies by providing on-demand professional development courses that cover essential diversity issues facing higher education professionals.



CDL interviews nationally respected experts and make available some of the most candid and educational content about diversity administration facets. 



Social justice and systemic issues are discussed live with national experts.


Cohort-Only Resources

Members of the CDL national cohort have access to exclusive training content, articles, and presentations. 

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Institutional Capacity Builders

Climate Research      

Virtual or on-site climate studies overlayed by CDL’s Institutional Pillars for TransformationTM.

Awareness & Readiness for Engagement Audit (AREA)

Instrument licensure to conduct internal pre-climate study assessments.

Assessment-based research that helps zero-in on essential considerations before engaging in a full-scale campus climate study.


Leadership Residency (CLR)

Strategic engagement with campus senior leaders to help prepare for and respond to the impact of diversity issues and perceptions. Residencies offer a mixture of direct service and professional development for CDL clients.

Workshops & Transformations

Site-specific engagement with key groups and leaders for subject-matter expertise and interactive learning.


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National Research

Research efforts that embody non-traditional inquiry to establish causation for climate conditions and transformative behaviors.

Diversity Training for Youth

Infinite diversity and social-development lessons are provided from CDL’s book series,
The Chronicles of Coop Di Leu.


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RFPs and Service Inquiries

Coop Di Leu offers a wide range of general and specialized services. Got something out for bid? Need a quote for service on a special project? Let us know. We will be happy to provide the service and care you need.

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