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I Am Who I Am

Book one, I Am Who I Am, sets the stage for youthful adventure and the often frightening first Jr. High dance experience. Ken, Jr., a young boy hoping for popularity and the eye of the most popular girl in the school, is frantic about his appearance, ability to make friends, and chances of being cool on the dance floor. Ken, Jr searches himself before hopelessly looking to his best friend, Greg, Jr, to provide understanding about his terrible life. To his surprise, after learning a few new dance moves and some deep secrets about the girl of his dreams, an unforgettable tale about coming into one’s own comes to a life-changing conclusion!

Friends or benefits.jpg

Friends or Benefits

Book two, Friends or Benefits, presents a heart-warming lesson about the awareness of youth with disabilities. Ken and Greg's friendship is tested after Ken enjoys the reputation he has always wanted at his school at the expense of Theodore, III (Trey), a boy with a speech impairment looking for real friends. With the help of older friends like Daebreon and Greg, Trey is saved from Ken, and the spoils of popularity, as a tale of friendship and understanding comes full circle! Youth will discover how wanting to be popular too badly can cause some unpopular things. Remember how things used to be! Friends or Benefits tells us why in a delightful tale about having real friends with disabilities!

Label Me Not .jpg

Label Me Not

Book three, Label Me Not, pulls the class together through all types of interpersonal relationships youth face in a fun-packed trip to Mexico! Ken and Greg finally make it to the last field trip of the school year, and lessons are sure to be learned as they leave the country, expecting everything to be different. The kids’ direct and often funny look at multiculturalism takes the group from bus to train to unexpected lessons that will last a lifetime! After enjoying this Coop Di Leu Identity Development Series edition, vibrant lessons and discussions will follow.

Tough Skin.jpg

Tough Skin

Book four: Tough Skin finds kids in Coop Di Leu enjoying summer activities in the neighborhood when suddenly new neighbors “invade” their territory. Ken has specific and personal problems with the latest arrivals and tries to get the rest of the kids to see things his way. Fortunately for the neighbors, and Ken, some of the kids in “Di Leu” remember what it’s like to be different, let alone moving to a place where no one else looks like you. The road to acceptance of others, as they are, can be very bumpy, especially when you are driving in the wrong direction! Tough Skin brings to light the pain of stereotyping and the joy of accepting others like no other Coop Di Leu Identity Development Series story. Read to find out how many points for others can be scored on a basketball court!

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