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DOIT (Diverse Organizational Impact
and Transformation)

Fairfax, Va.— Coop Di Leu and Diverse: Issues In Higher Education are pleased to announce, via their partnership, the creation of the  certification program. DOIT (Diverse Organizational Impact and Transformation) is a mechanism that will certify an institutions progress on diversity and inclusion. We are seeking to recognize institutional efforts by learning what institutions are doing, or not doing, to transform everyday experiences for their students, faculty, and staff.

The certification process will utilize four Institutional Pillars for Transformation (IPTs) and a Pillar Indicator Map (PIM) as a framework to identify institutional components that speak to intentionality, frequency, and policy associated with behaviors and expectations for executing transformation within core executive-level activities for recruitment, retention, reward, promotion, and pipeline.

The four pillars are:

RD - Representational Diversity

ILC - Institutional Leadership & Commitment

CCT - Curricular & Co-Curricular Transformation

CC - Campus Climate

Qualifying institutions will be recognized as Emerging, Developing or Transforming based on their IPT scores.  Institutions meeting the Transforming criteria in their respective IPT will be awarded this exclusive certification. Over the next six months, benchmarks will be established to determine the criteria for certification within each pillar.  Diverse will release in November 2020, January 2021, and March 2021 those institutions that have met the criteria in each IPT.  

Find out about Coop Di Leu and Diverse: Issues In Higher Education and for more information, contact Coop Di Leu at, or (866) 988-COOP or Diverse at (703) 385-2419.

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