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transforming diversity professionals



Welcome to Coop Di Leu U’s TDP menu of courses! The lineup of classes here runs the gamut from “day one” considerations to revelations after multiple years on the job. Each class is designed to be an experience, not just a rote call-n-response engagement. It would be best to browse all the course offerings before choosing. Know that overlap in some course content is intentional and necessary for continuity of thought. Core questions addressed among all courses are:

  • What do I do now that I have got this job?

  • How do I assess my current situation?

  • Who should my presence impact?

  • Where should my leadership take people?

All TDP courses help you answer these questions and more. Your experience from these courses will engage you with others who have made mistakes, experienced success, and are willing to share what they’ve learned for your benefit! Expect to begin engagement very soon after registering for your course, even before the official start date! You’ll get more than expected because we believe you are worth it. 

Core Modules

H.U.S.T.L.E. Concept and Application

Essential Values that Ensure Success at Diversity Leadership 

Date: March 6 – March 24, 2023  |  Cost: $395

This course is more than a refresher about values that make people consider being a diversity professional. It is a strategic and memorable approach to necessary actions behind people and service-oriented values. It sets the tone for self-discovery, skillset analyses, and the courage needed to be an effective diversity professional.

Examining Diversity Paradigms: Past, Present, Future:

Know History, Know Vision – No History, No Vision 

Date: Future Course  |  Cost: $450

registration starts soon

This course details the core components of four primary areas of social growth, from separation to globalization. Participants identify patterns and processes that define each space and understand how paradigm shifts come to fruition.

Context-Specific Modules

The First 90 Days:

Tactical and Strategic Planning 

Date: April 3- May 8, 2023  |  Cost: $450

registration starts soon

The first days on the job typically are loaded with expectations that keep the status quo intact. You will need a plan to sort our assistors and resistors while gaining a sense of the terrain that awaits your footprint. This course provides a proven blueprint of actions to help you appear and approach your role as a confident and competent professional from various angles.

Vertical & Horizontal Administration:

Language, Lines, and Linguistics (cultural) 

Date: Future Course  |  Cost: $450

registration starts soon

Alignment in purpose and scope are two complex tasks for most managers. It’s more difficult when you need to lead and manage across, up, and down simultaneously. Learn today’s diversity leaders need to do to be effective at providing vision, leading change, and empowering others at all levels of influence.

Metric Development & Design:

Numbers and Percentages that Matter 

Date: Future Course  |  Cost: $450

registration starts soon

What gets measured matters, but matters worsen when the wrong metrics are measured. This course helps participants understand the intent-to-impact thought life needed to pinpoint what should be measured. It sheds light on the “smoking gun” that often needs addressing before transformative change can become real.

Leveraging Emotions in the Diversity Workspace:

Strategies for Success 

Date: Coming Summer 2023  |  Cost: $395

registration starts soon

Working in diversity administration can evoke strong emotions that, if left unattended, can erode job performance or blind individuals to opportunities for positive change. Learn how to recognize your biases that trigger emotions and emotional responses in the workplace. Learn how to harness those emotions towards improved relationships and productivity.

Responsibility & Authority: Assessing Where They Apply

Unleash your personal power to negotiate, influence, and persuade where you can. 

Date: Future Course  |  Cost: $395

registration starts soon

This course helps those who aspire to be diversity professionals learn the core mindsets of the field.

Leading Disruptive Change:

Breakthrough Growth is NOT for the Faint at Heart. 

Date: Coming Fall 2023  |  Cost: $395

registration starts soon

Designed for leaders who dare to be pivotal in diversity administration and support areas. Gain skills for becoming a transformative visionary and prime others to welcome the disruption due to your leadership and to dismantle common resistance resembling the status quo.

The Key to Mastering Transformation

Learn to transform your mindset to manage paralyzing situations and people. 

Date: Coming Fall 2023  |  Cost: $450

registration starts soon

Adjusting and readjusting to the low-hanging fruit that was present when you arrived? The business environment is constantly changing, but you’re stuck with maintaining the same pace with the same problems. Now is the time to develop keener adaptability through mind hacks and tactical innovations. Participants will use specific strategies to analyze their present mindset and learn to adapt it to forge a new paradigm for diversity leadership.

Taking on Disruptive Responsibility: Teach-Up Skills for Non-Cabinet Diversity Professionals

Increase vitality and demonstrate that you’re a resource for progress. 

Date: Future Course  |  Cost: $450

registration starts soon

This course helps non-cabinet level professionals step up to the plate to lead and work with superiors that struggle to create assignments that capitalize on their zeal and skillsets for diversity.

Transformative Communication: Engaging and convincing others to be passionate about advancing diversity

Using Howspace to Integrate, Collaborate, and Elevate.

Date: Future Course  |  Cost: $395

registration starts soon

This course will demonstrate a crafty sequence of software innovations that engages and motivates participants within a private and confidential setting. The next level of storytelling makes a story about all involved.

Transformative Diversity Leadership: The Journey Begins from Within

Become a meaningful change leader who genuinely makes things new. 

Date: Future Course  |  Cost: $450

registration starts soon

Discover how to build a clear and enticing roadmap to transformation, beginning with self-assessment. Harness specific steps, techniques, and tools that put you in command of institutional thought life and accountability.

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