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Coop Di Leu U

Welcome to Coopwood Diversity Leadership & Education Universal And

Coop Di Leu U!

Buckets of Knowledge: Context-Specific Content for Diversity Professionals

We are thankful that you’ve chosen us, and we’ve prepared buckets of knowledge for your individual and team benefit! Coop Di Leu U is a transformative set of engagements formed from twenty-eight years “in the seat” of executive diversity leadership. These courses do more than just speak to theory or engage you in dialogue for the greater good. Our approach teaches essential constructs for the job - like self-temperament, shadow culture penetration, diversity science, metric design, tactical vs. strategic planning, cognitive diversity, and more! Dip your mind into the bucket of your choice. We’re ready to share for the advancement of your success and the prolonged relevance of the profession.

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